A traveling photo enthusiast

About Me

I have been a serious amateur photographer for over three decades, participating and competing in local Photo Clubs. I have lived in Dallas for the last 40 years and during that time spent four wonderful years in Grenoble, in the French Alps. While there, I tried to capture the grandeur of the mountains and the atmosphere of old Europe. During retirement I have travelled to many new places around the world and have become proficient in the novel techniques uniquely available for digital photography: HDR, Infrared and vast panoramas. My photos try to depict the essence of scenic places and the uniqueness and beauty of nature. Lately, I have augmented this photorealistic work with a series of surreal images.

Some of these photographs have been exhibited in local venues.

About the Prints and Downloads

The images in these Galleries are designed for wall art. I recommend that they be printed as "Ready to Hang"  Canvas or Metallic prints. These media bring out the best in the image and are also generally less expensive than framing a paper print.

All images were shot in RAW format and processed into very large size files. If you wish to generate a large print (say greater than 20"x30") - or have any other issues  generating a specific size print -  please contact me and we can make the necessary arrangements to use the larger RAW files. 

Downloads of an entire Gallery (or, individual image) can also be purchased. These make great slide shows (or, screen savers) that can be played on any device.

Licensed copies of some of these images - for commercial use - are available for purchase at